Sunday, 15 September 2013

Illegal mining for 96 K Crore - Allegation of Sundaram IAS is Motivated

I would like to bring the following facts and strong objections regarding the above subject false news.
I Know well V.V.Mineral as it is operating our Taluk with all the clearances from the State and Central Govt., departments. They have not done any illegal mining as said by Mr.Sundaram, Retired IAS Officer. Actually, Mr.Sundaram, Retd. IAS officer is working in Indian Garnet sand company after retirement and his main responsibility is writing complaints against V.V.Mineral and other mining companies who are competitor to Indian Garnet Sand Company. Previously myself also believe that Mr.Sundaram is a visile blower against illegal mining. But later I came to know that he is a Thug to Mr.Dayadevadas. There is business rivalry between Dayadevadas and V.V.Mineral from 1988 itself. He made number of complaints in various names against V.V.Mineral. All complaints were enquired by the State and Central Government officers including Police and CBI officials and found that all the complaints of Dayadevadas are false. In fact, Mr.Dayadevadas himself red handedly captured for the illegal mining of 39 lakhs M.Ton in Trichy District.

Previously myself by believing that Mr.Sundaram is an impartial Retd. Officer and he is serving to the nation, I wrote a letter to Mr. Sundaram to take up the illegal mining matter of Dayadevadas to the authorities and request to take action. The above letter was written by RPAD. But no action was taken by Sundaram until now. I am attached herewith copy of letter and RPAD receipt and acknowledgment. Above all, Mr.Sundaram himself recommended Industries Secretary to drop the action against the 39 Lakhs M.Ton illegal mining done by Indian Garnet Sand Company and Southern Enterprises belongs to Dayadevadas and Ex.Congress Central Minister Dhanuskodi Athithan. To overcome from the crime, they appointed some high profile Retd. Officers who all are educated criminals and create documents and hired some electronic media and its reporters and they make big propaganda through the media. These all are to escape from the legal action by the statutory authority.

This message also one step of their planned agenda. Everyone knows that export can be done through port and the documents will be available with Customs, Port Trust, Reserve Bank. Does they have any of this authenticated documents?. If you ask any question about this, they will reply that renounced Geologist Victor Rajamanikkam calculation works out this. Victor Rajamanikam is non other, but one of Thug to Dayadevadas and he is the person who prepare mining plan to Dayadevadas.


Moreover Crores of Rupees have been swindled by Victor Rajamanikkam in the name various projects with the help of his brother Samathanam who is working in Department of Science and Technology. Does Sundaram is ready to question about the money goes to Victor Rajamanikkam institution in the name of various projects from his own brothers department (Department of Science and Technology, Govt., of India).

Victor Rajamanikkam himself calculate that Dayadevadas mining lease contain only 7000 M.Ton of Garnet. But He has mined more than  75,000 M.Ton from the same mining area, the same company in the modified mining plan calculated the reserve that 1,66,000 M.Tons are available and the same quantity will be replinisable every year. Does that yard stick not applicable to other companies? This alone will establish that Victor Rajamanikkam will create document as per the parties requirement.

This type of High Profile criminals to be prosecuted. But they are able to escape from the legal action with the link of their people who are position in Top level of all the Government Departments.

Letter to Sundaram

Information about the Nexus between this illegal mining mafia and the Retd. Officials will continue…. Wait ….